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start up

People are quickly moving towards a more astute world, with execution of brilliant smart cities, smart classroom, and smart phones. As of now, data and correspondence innovation has been brought to various plans of action to make the activity more advantageous and compelling. Smart Cafe Restaurant is the eventual fate of Restaurant Catalogs and order taking. It is a multilingual and simple to-utilize application that replaces the old customary cafe menu, while it likewise functions as a POS system. Smart Restaurant is additionally ideal for Hotels, bistros and every beverage and meal serving business. The Smart Cafe is proposed to solve the problem of hiring a lot of trained employees and paying them huge amount of money. Additionally, it helps in implementation of COVID-19 SOPs and safety measures. Customers can enjoy tasty food in a safe manner. 


Proven concept

Since the living standard is getting smarter the organizations are working hard to evolve their business model. Thus, cafes of today must implement a safe, reliable and easy to use order placement and order delivery system. The traditional order placement and delivery system thus needs to evolve. The new system must automate the order placement and delivery system while being safe and easy to use. The Smart Restaurant aims to provide an error free, reliable, safe, and easy to use system to enhance the customer experience.